Writing Portfolio

The following portfolio showcases my skills in creative writing, including samples of linear and branching dialogues, prose and barks:


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In addition to creative writing I have done a series of blog posts that were featured on Gamasutra. The series covers different elements of leadership and is based on insights I got from participating in the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 competition hosted by Epic Games.

The Creative and the Leader – Part 1
Published 19/5 2013. This post was also featured on GameCareerGuide. In this post I discuss the differences of creative and project leadership in smaller game development teams. It is the first part in a series of reflections from my time in the Make Something Unreal Live competition.

Effectiveness and Tripwires for new leaders – Part 2
Published 30/5 2013. Soon to become a leader of your own team? Want to know the most common tripwires for new leaders? Read this post to understand how to make your team effective and how to avoid tripping during the initial months.

Level up your team with coaching and feedback – Part 3
Published 20/7 2013. ‘Why should I spend time on feedback, isn’t it more effective to just work on the actual game? And what is this “personal meeting” you’re talking about?!’ Read to find out.

Social Skills, why are they important? – Part 4
Published 29/4 2014. Ever been bothered by a co-worker who just won’t stop fiddling with their phone during a meeting? Read this summary on which social skills are invaluable in a team setting and how to use them in practice.