Game Portfolio

Hello! My name is Michael Levall and I am a swedish game designer. I am currently working as the main developer for the social commentary game Please Knock on My Door. Browse my portfolio pieces by pressing the Read More button on the images above.


Talks and Presentations

Would you like to listen to a passionate game developer talk about how we can explore social issues using the medium of games?

Throw me an e-mail at info(at) if you’d like to talk about what topics I can offer your audiences!

I have previously done presentations about Pitching and Presentation Techniques, Leadership and Team Management, Game Presentations/Showcases and Game Design Talks with a focus on Social Commentary.

Among the places I’ve done game talks at are the Blekinge Institute of Technology, NetPort and the Swedish Game Awards Conference. I have done game showcases at multiple Insomnia events, the Gadget Show Live and the Develop Conference in Brighton to name a few.