Forgotten Key


Designing atmospheric adventure games as the

Design Director of a growing indie studio.



During my time at Forgotten Key I have worked on a wide variety of features, from systems design to game feel and narrative. My role includes overseeing the design process for the studio, forming methodologies for the design team and producing features in accordance with the experience pillars set by myself and the Game Director. An important aspect of my work is to clearly communicate the design vision to the rest of the team, and I regularly attend and organize director meetings where all aspects of the project are discussed among representatives of all professions. I have taken part in producing pitch materials for several projects and have an attentive attitude towards the project’s stakeholders and market movements.


My work experience at Forgotten Key includes:

  • Concept and prototype development on third person close-combat systems of ‘triple indie’ quality.
  • Work on atmospheric adventure titles with management elements.
  • Coaching and giving clear feedback to other designers from all areas; narrative, gameplay and level design.
  • Developing methodology for game development (design and general) at the studio.
  • Game design documentation and clear communication of vision to other studio members.
  • Organizing and establishing an agile project methodology including sprint reviews, backlogs and check-up meetings.


The projects I’ve worked on at Forgotten Key are currently unannounced.